We introduced the National Reading Coalition (NRC) Mascot, Lwazi, to book lovers at the SA Book Fair held at the Constitutional Hill between 6-8 September.

Witty, friendly and a book lover himself, Lwazi is a 10-year old boy who is looking for friends to join him in the fun and magical world of reading. Lwazi mingled with primary school children and guests alike, as the NRC team was also at hand to encourage everyone to join the reading revolution through our dedicated exhibition stall.

The annual book fair is organised by the South African Book Development Council (SABDC) and affords organisations in the literacy community an opportunity to raise awareness on reading and to change perceptions around reading.

If you are interested in the reading movement and want to support or join the coalition, click here to sign up to our database.

Read up! Speak up and let’s get South Africa Reading.