NRC, National Library of South Africa and Nalibali to host First Virtual Book Club


In his state of the nation address in June 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasised the importance of cultivating a reading nation to unlock opportunities that flow from a broadened understanding of the country and the world.

Since launching in 2019, the National Reading Coalition has supported the Read to Lead Campaign and President Cyril Ramaphosa’ s call to improve reading nationally – from the classroom to the living room. In the endeavour to build a community around reading, the NRC is networking reading clubs nationally to extend the permeation of the reading culture across the country.

Individuals and reading club members will be invited to join a reading network that will take up the President’s challenge of reading at least one book per month.

In partnership with the Department of Basic Education, the National Library of South Africa and Nal’ibali, the National Reading Coalition is coordinating twelve annual virtual reading sessions networking readers and their clubs nationally. In this way, we envisage to reinforce the reading improvement efforts being made in and around schools and communities.

We invite the public to lead the first reading session which will be hosted by the NRC on the 14 December 2020, South Africans will discuss the book Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

The objectives of this reading session are to:

  • Inculcate the culture of reading in South Africans across all ages.
  • Maximise reading networks across the country

The first 50 participants to the virtual book launch will get a voucher from Exclusive books to the value of R300.

Registration link: